Paintings by HANK

Horseshoe Bend, Oil on Linen, 48×72 inches, 2017. SOLD
Desert Farms (Picacho Peak). Oil on linen, 24×24 inches, 2017. SOLD
Crowheart Butte Sunrise, Oil on Linen, 40×30 inches, 2017. SOLD
Untended Palms, Oil on Linen, 16×16 inches, 2016. Please contact us for price and availability.
Encanto Park Golf Club
“Encanto Park,” Oil on Panel, 12×12 inches, 2015 SOLD



"The Stand," Oil on Panel, 2015, Please contact us for price and availability.
“The Stand,” Oil on Panel, 10×10 in, 2015  SOLD


“Secret Reservoir” Oil on Canvas, 12×16 in, 2015  SOLD



"Big Ditch Season," Oil on Linen, 16x16 in, 2014 Please contact us for price and availability.
“Big Ditch Season,” Oil on Linen, 16×16 in, 2014 SOLD


UWStudioPainting4Cora Clipper
“Cora Clipper,” Oil on Linen, 14×44 in, 2013  SOLD


The Old Canal
“The Old Canal,” Oil on Linen, 30×50 in, 2013  SOLD


“Abandoned Dragline (Hanna, WY), Oil on Linen, 30×40 in, 2010  SOLD


“Into the Fog,” Oil on Linen, 20×30 in, 2010  SOLD


“I-80 Sunset,” Oil on Linen, 18×24 in, 2010  SOLD


“Spring Thaw on the Little Laramie,” Oil on Linen, 18×36 in, 2012 SOLD


20 Summer Pasture (Forbes Lane)
“Forbes Lane Sunset,” Oil on Linen, 22×28 in, 2008 SOLD


Drilling Rig and The Wyoming Range copy
“Drilling Rig and The Wyoming Range,” Oil on Linen, 30×50 in, 2008  SOLD
Casper Formation Sunrise, Oil on Linen, 16×24 inches, 2009. SOLD





Fine art oil paintings, collage and plein air